What our Customers say...


We had a small water damage in our office and called SERVPRO. They sent the local team from Port Charlotte to assist. They responded quickly and within a matter of hours had our place cleaned out and the drying process started. We reopened just a couple days later with everything back to normal. Would recommend SERVPRO to any business owner who needs emergency water damage cleanup and restoration. 

We appreciate the SERVPRO of Port Charlotte team for helping us reopen our office during the COVID-19 pandemic. They disinfected and cleaned our office, including our HVAC system. We recommend SERVPRO to any business looking to reopen or if they have a concern about COVID contamination. 

We had SERVPRO come in to remediate mold in our facility. They were very detailed in the cleaning and ensuring that the mold damage be taken care of. We are very thankful for their work and helping us get back our workspace! 

We had a small water damage in our North Port Charlotte home that SERVPRO of Port Charlotte helped to dry-out and cleanup. After they were done extracting the water and cleaning up the water soaked items, they set up drying equipment. We also used them to install new flooring in the room the damage was in. Fast and professional service and would highly recommend SERVPRO to anyone has water damage in to their home.

The team at SERVPRO of Port Charlotte quickly handled the flooding caused by a leak in our hot water tank in one of our church buildings. They performed with professionalism and discretion and they were just great from the start of the job to the finish. Would recommend SERVPRO to any other organizations or businesses in the Port Charlotte area. Thank you again.

Great job! The SERVPRO team was very professional, showed up on time, were friendly, and they helped me understand the process of how they would cleanup, dryout, and restore our business after a water leak in the bathroom. They finished the job fast, and it was very much appreciated! Thanks to SERVPRO of Port Charlotte!

SERVPRO came out to our place of business the same day we had a busted pipe in our building. They worked efficiently and we were able to get back to work by the next day. Great group of techs who worked professionally and did it right the first time, just as I expect from my own employees. Would highly recommend SERVPRO.

Five star service! Bill, Dan, Devin, and the rest of the SERVPRO team was so helpful and they came out the same day after hours to help with a water damage our facility had. Would highly recommend to any other assisted living facility or nursing home that experiences a water damage to call SERVPRO.

SERVPRO of Port Charlotte responded fast and arrived within a couple of hours when called upon after a leak caused major water damage in our place of business. The team was professional, courteous and completed the job sooner than we had expected. We were able to get back up and running quickly due to their expertise and fast response. 

I received a phone call from my cousin (who looks after our second home) who gave us the bad news that our water heater had burst and had flooded nearly the entire house for about 2 weeks. It was awful. After I hung up with her, the first company that I thought of was SERVPRO. (Like it never even happened.)

The main number patched us into SERVPRO of Venice and Port Charlotte, and literally within 2 hours I had a team of workers swarming the house, drying it up and salvaging everything that could be salvaged. Paul Maggio, the owner of SERVPRO of Venice and Port Charlotte, kept me posted every step of the way. I was absolutely impressed by their professionalism, their work ethic, their speedy service, the care that they took to protect every little item in the house. The other side of the house that was not impacted was sealed off from the flooded side with a zippered plastic barrier. They took a detailed inventory that helped me when reviewing my insurance adjuster's statement. And to think that I did this remotely (as I do not live locally), using Paul as my main point person.

I could not be happier with Paul and his company's work. I recommend SERVPRO of Venice and Port Charlotte without any reservation whatsoever. Now I understand why SERVPRO says "Like it never even happened." I feel blessed and very lucky to have met Paul and his team.

Dear Paul, Tony, and Staff; We hope you are blessed and we thank you for going above and beyond as professionals. You transformed our home after it was totally flooded and then made it into a more beautiful place.

We are so thankful for all your help and recommend SERVPRO of Port Charlotte to anyone who has a flooded home.

To SERVPRO Emergency Service in Port Charlotte Florida. Thank you for the magnificent job your crew did for me. They made a difference in my home getting back to normal after a water leak. 


Thank you so much!

Jolanta K.

Back in May of 2016 and new on my job,  I arrived to work early only to find the entire office flooded and gushing water out the front door.  Turns out over 30,000 gallons of water had been leaking in to the unit next door overnight and flooded all 3 units, our district manager called SERVPRO and they arrived promptly and cleaned up the water in its entirety, and dried out over 800 ft foot of carpet and had a carpenter remove and replace all the baseboards. The team moved all the furniture including 4 heavy desks and book cases back in place. Bob Gillo was our point of contact and I have to say the entire team exceeded our expectations and got us back up and running which was very important to us since we are a very busy insurance office. Thank you to Bob and your team at SERVPRO of Port Charlotte.*
Thank you,
Donna P.
Lead Sales Agent
CYA/Direct General Insurance Company - FL
(*edited for clarity, spelling, and grammar)

Paul, the guys did a super job on our carpets. Thank you for gifting this cleaning to us. We really appreciate it. - Port Charlotte Chamber of Commerce.

To Whom It May Concern;

I would be remiss if I didn't write to express my thanks for the prompt & professional services provided by SERVPRO when they literally "came to the rescue" in the middle of the night. Paul Maggio & his team got a handle on the situation in what seemed to be minutes & left me with a good feeling that it wasn't the end of the world.

SERVPRO returned on a daily basis with respect for my property, & up-dated me on the restoration process & answered my questions.